Studio Photography


TPW Graphics has a large studio in between Ipswich and Colchester where we photograph products such as furniture and fires, right down to small pack shots. We can also build roomsets inside which can be viewed on this site. Samples of studio work are below but feel free to contact us about your projects.

reflections-in-water-dropletsReflections in water droplets, making an interesting background.

orbital-sander-photoShowcasing an electric sander with interesting lighting.

wild-bottle-group-photoA group of bottles with lots of reflections to look out for.

basket-gas-fire-photoA firebasket with a live gas fire.

water-filters-photo A close up of water filters.

sandpaper-display-standUsing lighting to create a graduated background.

wet-leaves-background-photoAnother background created with wet leaves.

stainless-yacht-fixingsA tricky stainless steel photograph.