High End Image Retouching


TPW Graphics are experts in retouching, manipulating and originating photographs and images. We can cut objects out of one photo and drop into another, remove and alter backgrounds and totally change pictures. The line between reality and illusion is quite blurred.

Bali-before-retouchShot in Indonesia on a terrace with a pole in the foreground.

Bali-after-retouchFinished result for publication with the pole removed.

smashed-glass-before-retouchThe only sample available to photograph had a cracked piece of glass .

smashed-glass-after-retouchPerfect final shot for use in publications.

Mykonos-before-retouchThis furniture wasn't available for the shoot so was photographed in our studio for dropping in. Lighting was used to replicate an outdoor shot in the sun.

Mykonos-after-retouchFinished shot with the furniture added, looking as though it had been taken in the sunshine.